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  • Chemical Exfoliation/Peel
Chemical Exfoliation/Peel

Chemical Exfoliation and Peels act as an exercise for the skin.

Because of the aging process and environmental stressors, our cells slow down and become sluggish. Having an exfoliation performed on a regular basis or a peel performed a few times each year, helps bring youth back to the skin and cells. Both procedures lighten pigmentation, reduce fine lines, increase skin hydration, strengthen the epidermis (outer layer), build the dermis (2nd layer), and bring the healthy glow back to the skin. Peels and exfoliations are some of the best procedures available to maintain the health of the skin when performed regularly.

Exfoliations have no downtime. Prior skin preparation is not necessary but preferable.  Results are best when done regularly and on an ongoing basis, generally 4-8 a year.  Exfoliations are also a very useful tool to help acne patients clean out pores.

Peels generally result in about a week of down time (pink, tight, and sloughing skin).  You need to prepare your skin for 6-8 weeks with professional products prior to the procedure. You will see a noticeable difference in just one peel. Generally 1-2 peels a year are sufficient. Peels are fantastic when combined with professional products to help aging skin conditions.

Listen to our Medical Aesthetician, Katie, discuss the importance of regular exfoliations on the CW’s Girl Talk!

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