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Dysport® & Jeuveau™ (Newtox) Madison, WI

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Jeuveau™ & Dysport®

Relax those overactive muscles that cause frown lines and wrinkles to form, with Jeuveau or Dysport at Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center in Madison, WI.  Jeuveau and Dysport treatments are simple, patients experience minimal discomfort, and the treatment causes no downtime. They can smooth away the persistent facial lines that have developed over time. Though result is not instant, users will typically see noticeable improvement within only a few days after the injection. Benefits typically last three to four months. They are both a preventative and a corrective treatment… with consistent use, muscles get weaker and lines will continue to permanently diminish.  These both join Botox Cosmetic at Radiance Skin Therapy and allow us to offer a truly custom treatment individualized to y-o-u.

Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center in Madison, WI was one of the first clinics to use Jeauveau™ (or Newtox) in Madison, Wi.  Jeuveau™ is the latest neurotoxin FDA-approved for relaxing frown lines.  Jeuveau™ (pronounced Jū vō) comes from the French word “nouveau,” which means “new” or “modern.”  Evolus, the manufacturer, launched Jeuveau™ in May of 2019 and has trended as the #NEWTOX on social media.  Newtox has undergone 5 clinical trials and was studied in over 2,100 patients prior to launching.   

Dysport® is a prescription injection much like Botox & Jeuveau. All the information that we have given can be applied to Dysport as well. Both of these neurotoxins can give you noticeable improvements with your lines and wrinkles.

Do you have questions?

Request your consultation for Jeuveau™ &/or Dysport® in Madison, WI, with Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center by calling/texting 608.240.0088.

At Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center in Madison WI, we offer three incredible neurotoxins including Botox, Dysport & Jeuveau.  These neurotoxins are safe, effective and approved for cosmetic use.  They are approved for areas such as frown lines, crows feet and upper forehead wrinkles but they are also safely and effectively used in other areas.  Botox Cosmetic is great for treatment of excess sweating (or Hyperhydrosis) for example.  We also love to use Botox Cosmetic, Dysport and Jeuveau for areas such as:

  • Necklace lines across the neck & the Platysmal bands (neck cords)
  • Our strongest muscle, the Masseter Muscle, in the jaw for relief of TMJ or creating a thinner jawline
  • Fine lines around the lips caused by pursing 
  • Along the border of the upper lip to flip up the lip offering a subtle plump appearance without filling
  • Gummy Smiles
  • Lower Face to help chin dimpling, DAO muscles for turning up the corners of your mouth & more

For more information about Botox, Jeuveau or Dysport, Madison WI, or to schedule your free consultation please call Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center – 608-240-0088.

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