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PRP for Thinning Hair


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injectable

Radiance utilizes your own platelet rich plasma manufactured right in your own body. It is a protein responsible for keeping the tissues and muscles tight and strong. PRP has a well-documented history of being used in orthopedics, dentistry and reconstructive surgery. This successful history has led the leaders in PRP research to recognize the endless possibilities of PRP and facial rejuvenation. More recent studies have shown PRP to stimulate new hair growth in men and women with thinning hair.

How PRP Works & What to Expect

First a small amount of blood is taken from your arm. The blood is placed into a centrifuge and spun to create a concentrated plasma serum rich in platelets. This serum contains very large quantities of growth factors that stimulate your hair follicles. Your clinician then injects small droplets of PRP into areas on the scalp that are thinning. If needed, she will also use a microneedling device to needle PRP into the scalp as well.

PRP treatments work best on individuals that have thinning hair. PRP will not work if you are already bald.

Most clients will desire a series of 3 or more treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart. Regular maintenance treatments may also be needed to maintain and improve results.

Who Should NOT Have PRP Treatments

Patients with history of heavy smoking, drug and alcohol use. Medical diagnosis such as platelet dysfunction syndromes, thrombocytopenias, hypofibrinogenemia, hemodynamic instability, sepsis, acute and chronic Infections, chronic liver disease, anticoagulation therapy, chronic skin diseases or cancer, metabolic and systemic disorders.

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