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Online Booking now available for limited services including Tox, Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels. Click Here!

A longer-lasting treatment for frown lines — Daxxify!

We are excited to now offer Daxxify at Radiance! Daxxify was FDA-approved in 2022 and is  a vegan, peptide powered neuromodulator for relaxing areas of expression such as the frown lines.  This product is fast acting, longer lasting, and with no downtime. 

Introductory pricing available now!  For exact pricing and additional information, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced team of Nurse injectors! 

Click here to schedule!

*Pricing only available after an assessment with a treatment expert.  

Offering ezGEL Bio-Filler!

Breakthrough in Platelet technology. This collagen stimulating Bio-Filler is used to rejuvenate the skin and enhance volume. The ezGEL Bio-Filler is created from drawing your blood, spinning and isolating all your natural growth factors and stem cells. Using a heating & cooling process to get it to a gel consistency, we then inject the bio-filler into areas where you desire a little rejuvenation.

Popular areas for  are around the eyes, around the mouth, lip enhancement, and more! Multiple sessions may be recommended for desired results.

This is one of THE most trending treatments that everyone can enjoy benefits from!

*Sessions are spaced 4-6 weeks a part. 


The Radiance Essential Facial!

Luxury experience, with all the skin health benefits! This skin treat features:

Dermaplaning-Mechanical exfoliation that removes dead skin & peach fuzz.

HydroJelly Mask– A variety of Jelly masks that offer hydration, brightening, calming, clarity, smoothing, and more!

LED Light Therapy-Using Red or Blue light to calm inflammation, induce collagen production, and reduce p-acne causing bacteria.

Relaxing, no downtime, instant brightening and hydration! Perfect for the Holidays!

Experience it today for only $125!


CoolSculpting Elite at Radiance Skin Therapy in Madison, WI!
Let’s celebrate the latest non-invasive, fat-reducing technology with this incredible savings opportunity…
Receive up to 45% off with the new Elite pricing!  (no expiration)
*Alle Rewards Members (previously known as Brilliant Distinctions) redeem & earn for additional savings!  Not a member? Signing up is easy & free!  Visit to signup.

Eliminate stubborn, un-wanted fat with proven technology!  Radiance has over 8 years of CoolSculpting experience in Madison, WI!  Schedule a free evaluation with one of our body contouring experts, and start your journey to body confidence today!

Call/Text 608-240-0088 to schedule!

*Evaluations required prior to scheduling treatment.  *Deposits required when treatment scheduled & will be taken off treatment day total. *Restrictions may apply. *Discount percentage is dependent on cycle quantity.

One month FREE  of BASECAMP classes!!!
We are thrilled to partner with Basecamp Junction Rd for an incredible offer!  Our #bossbabe Anne LOVES going to Basecamp & hopes to see you all there. At your next visit to Radiance scan our exclusive code t receive an entire month free!
Call/Text 608-240-0088 

*Exclusive partnership with Basecamp Junction Rd.


Legend Pro RF (radiofrequency) now at Radiance!

Combine the Legend Pro’s unique RF technology with our IPL treatment for the ultimate skin regeneration & brightening result!  This combination is known as the SmoothGlo treatment, exclusively at Radiance in Madison, WI!

Scheduled a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced clinicians today. Call/Text 608-240-0088

*Pricing available for individual treatments or in packages for a savings opportunity.

PDO Threads Available at Radiance!

PDO Threads are medical grade absorbable sutures that are strategically placed in areas of the face, neck & body to improve skin sagging, hollowness or dimpling.  This treatment will be incredible as a stand-alone service or to compliment any of your other treatments.

There are so many incredible areas these threads can benefit!  Schedule a free consultation with one of our amazing nurses! Call/Text 608-240-0088 

*Pricing is dependent on the variety of threads & the area(s) treated.  Consultation required.

Now Offering Splendor X Laser Hair Removal!

We are so excited to introduce Madison to the latest in hair removal technology with Splendor X by Lumenis!  Why is this machine so great?  It’s offers unique technology, speed, safety, and added comfort.  Read more here.  Body Laser Hair Removal Packages now available!  Now with Splendor X at Radiance, it’s never been a better time to break up with your razor & get laser!

Save 15% off a Package of 6 Body Hair Removal Treatments!

*Underarms *Bikini *Chest *Abdomen *Back *Legs *Arms

Call today to schedule your Laser Hair Treatment! 608-240-0088

Click here to learn more about Laser Hair Removal!

*Not valid with other discounts. *Restrictions apply. *Packages must be paid in full at 1st appointment to qualify for discounts. *Single treatments still available.

Jeuveau® -A neurotoxin approved for frown lines.

Save $40 off Jeuveau®! 

Call/text 608.240.0088 to schedule your Jeuveau appointment!

*Exclusions may apply. *$40 reward valid every 90 days.  *Must sign up for Evolus Rewards (easy, free & we can help).

Versa– A Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Versa – Our Latest Hyaluronic Acid Filler

At Radiance we strive to bring you the latest technology, the safest, most up-to-date techniques, and the best possible results that are as unique as you. That is why we have this filler in our amazing portfolio of options. We ❤️ VersaTM for the lips, temples, nasal labial folds, & under-eye areas!

The Versa Difference:

  • Longevity
  • Less swelling for most
  • Designed for safety
  • Immediate results

Save $50 off Versa!  Psst..that’s $50 off every syringe of Versa, every time!

Call/text 608.240.0088 to schedule your Versa appointment!

*Exclusions may apply. *Must sign up for Versa Rewards (easy, free & we can do it for you).

Radiance is now offering Vitamindrip® IV Therapy & B12 Booster Shots!

Radiance is now offering Vitamindrip® IV Therapy & B12 Booster Shots!

Feeling tired? Having a hard time recovering from workouts? Want an immune boost? Feeling dehydrated? Our Vitamindrip® IV Therapies are literally bags filled with vitamins and nutrients to help with all that and more! Appointments are only 30 minutes so it’s a quick way to get a big boost!

IV Therapy Benefits:

  • Immune Boost
  • More Energy
  • Improve Fatigue
  • Improve Balance
  • Hydrate from within
  • Release unwanted toxins
  • Improve symptoms such as muscle aches, stress, headaches and more!

Our B-12 shots are also an incredibly quick way to get a boost of energy. Some people enjoy doing these on a weekly basis or as needed. B-12 shots are only $35 or you can buy a package of 6 for $150! Appointments are only 5-10 minutes!!!

Call/text 608.240.0088 to schedule your Vitamindrip® or B-12 Boost appointment!

Laser Hair Removal Packages

Click Here to Open Up the Treatment Timeline For a Bigger View!

If you have a big event planned for 2022, now is the time to start prepping! Use this helpful timeline to guide you. We are also here to help! Schedule a free consult to meet with one of our experts who can help you with your personalized plan. Let us help you feel confident for your wedding, reunion, anniversary, charity event or any special occasion! call/text  608-240-0088

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