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CoolToneby CoolSculpting® 

Radiance Skin Therapy is excited to bring CoolTone to Madison, WI!  CoolTone is a great way to strengthen, tone and firm muscles.  The best part is it is non-surgical, non-invasive, and has no downtime!

How Does CoolTone Work?

CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) technology that bypasses the skin and penetrates into the muscle layers, this induces involuntary muscle contractions. The body responds to these contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle conditioning. Whether targeting abdomen, buttocks or thighs, CoolTone strengthens, tones and firms the muscles in the treated area.  This creates a more defined and toned appearance of the muscle and area of treatment.  Due to CoolTone’s ability to strengthen core muscles there are many individuals who are also reporting improvements with back discomfort and posture.  Beyond all of the other amazing benefits, there could be remarkable improvements with back discomfort or posture.  There is also a study being conducted for the possibility of improving diastasis recti post pregnancy with CoolTone. 

CoolTone is not meant to replace your gym efforts. The intention of treatment is to take your results further.  This combination will take your look to a whole new level of definition and tone.  CoolTone is an incredible compliment to follow-up CoolSculpting treatments for the ultimate non-surgical body contouring and is Brilliant Distinctions Rewards eligible. This means more ways to earn and save on the products you know and love from Allergan. 

Am I a CoolTone Candidate?

Almost anybody who is near or at their ideal body weight but desires more muscle definition, is a good candidate for CoolTone.  CoolTone may not be right for you if you have electronic implants or devices (pacemaker or defibrillator), are pregnant, had a recent surgery or have a bleeding or seizure disorder.

Do you have questions?

Contact Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center today for CoolTone in Madison. Call/Text 608.240.0088.

What to expect with CoolTone at Radiance Skin Therapy?

Your first visit at Radiance Skin Therapy, you will be meeting with a CoolTone Specialist who will get to know you and talk with you about your goals.  They will obtain a thorough health history and talk with you about what you can expect from your treatments.  After they have verified that you are a good candidate, we will get you set up for the initial CoolTone appointments. 

An initial series of 4 to 8 treatments per area are usually recommended. Each of these appointments take about 35-45 minutes and are schedule twice a week until the initial series is completed.  Following the initial series, maintenance treatments are encouraged in order to preserve the results.  Most individuals will need a treatment every 3 months.

CoolTone is non-invasive with minimal to no downtime. You can resume normal activities right after the procedure.  It is possibly that you might experience muscle soreness in the treatment area. You may also notice skin pinkness in the treatment area post CoolTone sessions.

Are you ready to feel and look more toned? Schedule your consultation today!  Contact Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center to see if CoolTone, Madison WI is the procedure for you!

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