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Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center uses ResurFX by Lumenis® for laser skin resurfacing in Madison, WI. The FDA-approved device employs non-ablative fractional technology to improve fine lines, scarring, skin texture, skin tone, stretch marks, and promote collagen growth. ResurFX offers results with minimal downtime and without having to peel.

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What is Non-ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing?

The ResurFX laser is the only true fractional non-ablative laser skin resurfacing technology. Ablative lasers, such as CO2, literally remove the top layer of skin and require more downtime with added risk and discomfort. Other laser skin resurfacing options, both ablative and non-ablative, typically treat only the surface or require several passes to obtain optimal results.

So why is ResurFX different? ResurFX penetrates into deeper layers while leaving the surface layer, known as the epidermis, intact. With a single pass, you are getting multiple benefits: immediate and long-term collagen building, while correcting sun damage and redness, softening fine lines, reducing pore size, and improving texture.

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What is a PhotoFractional Treatment?

A photofractional treatment is a very popular combination of IPL (intense pulsed light, also known as a photofacial) and ResurFX (fractional laser skin resurfacing). Together, they are a PhotoFabulous combination, improving the look of pores, texture, sun damage, brown spots, redness, vascularity, fine lines, and more! This treatment is a staff and client favorite!

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Anne Pientka (formerly Anne Hill), the founder of Radiance, is an RN with a bachelor of science in nursing. Anne has over fourteen years of experience as a professional aesthetic provider.

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Dr. Dave Christianson

When Dave started his aesthetic medicine training in 2007, training opportunities were not readily available as they are today, so he traveled far and wide to learn techniques for BOTOX® and dermal filler injections...

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Meet The Radiance Team

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Our providers take great pride in being cutting edge and always evolving in this growing industry, so they can bring you the most up-to-date information and techniques to give you the best outcomes possible...

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FAQs About ResurFX

What can I expect during a laser skin resurfacing treatment?

Before starting your ResurFX treatment, we can apply a topical anesthetic to make the experience more comfortable. Due to the non-ablative nature of the laser, most patients find these treatments to be more tolerable than most competing ablative lasers. Treatments can take 20 minutes or more, depending on the size of the targeted area.

What can I expect after a laser skin resurfacing treatment?

After a ResurFX session, patients can expect minimal downtime. For a typical laser skin resurfacing treatment, the skin is minimally swollen for one to two days, and mildly red for three to five days. Patients do not peel in this time, but their skin may feel slightly rough for one or two weeks. Patients can resume mineral makeup application the day after a treatment session. Sun exposure before and after the procedure should be avoided. Wear a physical sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher on the days after the procedure, as well as for long-term protection.

How many ResurFX treatments are recommended?

Laser skin resurfacing is often completed as a series of treatments, not a single session. We typically recommend three to six treatments spaced six to eight weeks apart—though specific treatment details will vary depending on each patient’s overall skin condition and ultimate goals.

What Other Laser Treatments Are Available?

Beyond laser skin resurfacing, Radiance Skin Therapy offers laser hair removal and laser vein treatment. Powerful IPL treatments are also available, as is LED light therapy. We can help you to figure out which treatment will help to get the results you are looking for.

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