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Genius™ RF Microneedling


Genius  RF Microneedling by Lutronic

Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center is excited to bring RF Microneedling to Madison, WI.  This FDA-approved device uses Microneedling to deliver focused RF (Radiofrequency) energy to the lower layers of the skin that houses our elastin & collagen.  Heat released into the lower layer of the skin creates contraction which will lead to firmer, more lifted skin along with improvement in texture, wrinkles and more.

What is Genius RF Microneedling?

Genius RF Microneedling is an advanced treatment to stimulate collagen and elastin and it combines the benefits of microneedling with radiofrequency energy. It uses micro-needles to produce a series of tiny openings within the skin which act as delivery channels for fractional radiofrequency energy. This gives us the ability to deliver a higher amount of heat deep in the tissue to achieve results that are different from other lasers or microneedling on its own. This treatment has become the treatment of choice for lifting, tightening, stimulating collagen and elastin, improving scars, skin texture, wrinkles, stretch marks and laxity on the face, neck and body, in all skin types.

Do you have questions?

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What are the benefits of Genius RF Microneedling?

The Genius RF Microneedling treatment at Radiance Skin Therapy results in many improvements to the health and appearance of the skin.  RF Microneedling can be done on areas of the face and body for skin improvement.

Genius RF Microneedling can help to improve or correct numerous skin concerns including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles*
  • Skin laxity (sagging)*
  • Sun damage or brown spots
  • Acne scarring*
  • Skin texture
  • Large pores
  • Excessive Sweating (Hyperhydrosis)
  • Stretch marks and skin laxity on the body*

*= indicates leader in the industry

Where can Genius RF Microneedling be used?

The Genius RF Microneedling treatment at Radiance Skin Therapy can be used is most areas of the face and body including:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Axilla
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Knees
  • Thighs

How is Genius RF Microneedling different from other treatments including traditional Microneedling?

The Genius RF device uses the addition of advanced radiofrequency energy to stimulate higher levels of skin proteins and enzymes like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid compared to using microneedling alone. Genius also uses an intelligent handpiece which analyzes the skin as it passes, allowing for changes in needle penetration to account for differences like thickness or texture.  What sets this treatment apart:

  • No long-term complications
  • Safe on all skin types
  • Thus far, it has been the most effective device on acne scarring compared to other ablative, non-ablative lasers, and other RF devices.
  • Deeper penetration of heat with the micro-needles leads to more tightening & lifting compared to other devices.

Who is a good candidate for Genius RF Microneedling at Radiance Skin Therapy?

Genius RF Microneedling can be used on all skin types and skin tones. It can be used for those looking for preventative aging as well as those who are looking for corrective skin improvements. The procedure is safe for any healthy individuals who are not pregnant, breastfeeding, or experiencing an active skin infection.  

For more information or to schedule your free consultation please call Radiance Skin Therapy in Madison, WI – 608-240-0088.

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