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At Home Dermaroller


The Home Roller

Radiance Skin Therapy sells a home roller product that can be used as an instrument for skin improvement. It has extremely fine micro needles that are just the thickness of our epidermis (the upper layers of your skin). The needles are too short to reach the lower nerve sensors, resulting in a comfortable treatment… at the most you may feel some tickling. Adverse side effects have never been reported.

  • Acne and inflammation can be caused by blocked ducts which are old and sticky scales of the upper skin layers. The fine needle tips on the home roller will remove these “blockers” mechanically. As these gland ducts are kept open, the pore size will reduce significantly.
  • Many women will experience acne that as a result of the monthly cycle. The cause is a hormonally triggered increase of keratin layers in the sebaceous (oil) gland ducts that blocks the free sebum flow (oil). By using the home roller three or four times weekly, the transitional acne will be greatly reduced and will likely disappear.
  • As we age, the upper layers of our skin do not shed as quickly. These layers will start to dry out and lose their transparency, causing the skin take on a greyish appearance, rather than that pink and healthy glow. The needles of the home roller will remove the grey scales, leaving the skin with a softer, finer, and healthier glow.
  • Gene research (Biosciences Inc. Baton Rouge/USA) also shows that using the home roller will stimulate the collagen that anchors the upper and lower skin layers- the epidermis and dermis. Why is this important? Because when collagen is stimulated, our skin becomes stronger and healthier (and strong, healthy skin is beautiful!). In fact, the uppermost layers will not only be more youthful and glowing, but they will increase in thickness by approximately 30%! Young children have plump, firm skin because their skin is thicker, stronger, and healthier than aging skin.
  • The aging population spends hundreds of dollars every year on skin care serums and creams. When the home roller is used, these products will penetrate the skin 100% to 200% deeper. This aids our products in reaching the targeted cells that need it; something skincare companies strive hard to achieve with the delivery systems in their products. The problem is solved with a simple home home roller.

Important Note:
The home roller is highly effective for various skin issues; however, the home roller micro needles are too short to induce collagen production in the deepest layers of skin. This can only be achieved with a medical microneedling treatment. At Radiance, we provide both professional rolling along with the sale of home rollers to achieve your goals.

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