AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch

Enjoy a Gentle, Effective Skin Rejuvenating Session in Madison, WI

Radiance Skin Therapy is proud to be one of the only clinics to offer AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch in Madison! The advanced device gently delivers an exclusive blend of injectable ingredients that get to work right away by plumping and hydrating the skin to soften fine lines and minimize pores, with results that can last three to four months in most people. The benefits can also minimize future acne breakouts. AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch is an ideal treatment to have two or more weeks before a big event or reunion. It is a favorite treatment for brides and mother of the brides!

The first of its kind, AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch uses patented microchannel technology, which involves 20 gold-plated surgical steel needles delivering carefully chosen compounds just below the surface of the skin. The needles are incredibly thin—each smaller in diameter than a human hair—and go only 0.6 mm deep. This allows for such a gentle treatment session that topical numbing is usually unnecessary. Clients can still expect some mild redness right after a session, but this typically resolves in 12 to 24 hours. Then, you can begin wearing makeup and practicing normal skincare routines again.

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