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As we age, our face goes through changes. Loose skin may develop on the face when our body produces less collagen and elastin—two of the main proteins that maintain its strength and structure. This breakdown of collagen and elastin typically begins during our 20s. Sofwave at Madison, WI’s Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center is the latest non-invasive skin tightening technology that uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to promote natural collagen growth and rejuvenate your skin.

Sofwave targets the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin essential for skin tightening. The device delivers ultrasound energy at a precise depth in the skin and an ideal temperature for optimal rejuvenation. Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Center is the first—and currently only—clinic in the Madison area to offer Sofwave.

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Sofwave: Why are Collagen and Elastin Important?

Collagen, which is a major component of skin, muscle, and other tissues, is the most abundant protein in the body. It plays a major role in providing structure, strength, and support to various areas of the body. It also provides stretchiness and elasticity in the skin.

Elastin is a rubber band-like substance that is another one of the most abundant proteins in the skin. It’s capable of stretching or extending significantly—and then rebounding. This is the protein that allows your skin to be flexible and snap back into place after it is stretched.

Collagen and elastin work together in the skin to provide structure. However, just like collagen production slows down over time, elastin also deteriorates due to aging. Exposure to UV rays from sunlight or other environmental triggers and stressors can also cause these proteins to break down at a faster rate.

When there is less collagen and elastin, the skin is more prone to sagging and wrinkles. Boosting the production of collagen and elastin can be one of the most effective ways to achieve a younger-looking appearance. The Sofwave device gently firms and smooths tissue with visible results after just one session.

What is Sofwave?

Sofwave is a breakthrough collagen-stimulating technology for skin tightening and lifting that rebuilds collagen and elastin without harming the surface. It is FDA-cleared for treating fine lines and wrinkles and lifting the eyebrow, submental, and neck area. It can tighten loose skin and mild jowling on the neck area.

This next-generation technology has also been FDA-approved for the temporary treatment of mild cellulite—a condition marked by an uneven surface or dimpling when fat cells accumulate and push up against the skin and tough collagen fibers pull down. Unlike many other energy-based technologies used for skin tightening, there is no downtime for Sofwave, as well as a lower risk of side effects.

In mid-2023, Sofwave also gained FDA approval for treating acne scars. The SUPERB system is effective at encouraging collagen and elastin production in areas that have been marked by breakouts, reducing the appearance of the lasting signs of cysts, nodes, and problem pimples.

How Does Sofwave Work?

A fractional heating effect stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The device uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB technology to generate a beam that heats skin at 1.5mm in the mid-dermis—the exact depth needed for treating wrinkles. The heat from Sofwave causes controlled damage that triggers a healing response in fibroblast cells, causing collagen to regenerate in the skin.

When small injuries in the skin are created from the ultrasound, the body repairs itself and heals more injuries beyond the catalyst. More collagen is produced, which helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sofwave not only jumpstarts collagen regeneration, but also remodels existing collagen to improve the overall health of your skin.

Which Areas Can Be Treated with Sofwave?

Sofwave is commonly used on the face and neck—especially on the jawline and around the eyes—but it can safely treat any area of the body where skin laxity or sagging has occurred. It works on the hands, abdomen, arms, upper thighs, and other areas.

How Do You Prepare for Sofwave?

Not much preparation is required for Sofwave, but we recommend taking steps to prevent cold sores if you are prone to outbreaks.

What Is the Procedure for Sofwave?

It’s common to feel some warmth in your skin from Sofwave, but its integrated cooling system, Sofcool, prevents the upper layer of skin from burning. The procedure will usually be comfortable and tolerable for most patients, and we can apply a topical anesthetic cream prior to the treatment. You may feel some warmth during the procedure.

Ultrasound gel is applied to the skin, and then we will pass a handheld device over the surface to transmit ultrasound energy into deeper layers. Treatment sessions are quick and convenient for patients with an active lifestyle. A typical Sofcool session lasts just 30 to 45 minutes, depending on which areas are being treated. You can resume your normal activities right after.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Sofwave?

If you have wrinkles, fine lines, mild jowling around the jawline, or sagging neck skin, Sofwave could be an excellent treatment option. It is safe for all skin types, colors, and seasons. It does not damage underlying tissues. This skin tightening treatment can be ideal for a patient in their 30s or older who wants to improve mild to moderate skin aging.

What Can You Expect from Recovery and Results for Sofwave?

There are usually little to no side effects and no special care will be required for your skin so you can proceed with your normal skin care routine after Sofwave. Aftercare rules are minimal. You may experience some minor redness and swelling for a few hours after the treatment, but it is unlikely for adverse events such as bruising or hyperpigmentation to occur because the treatment doesn’t affect the surface of the skin where melanin-producing cells are located.

The number of Sofwave treatments you will need depends on your skin condition, but in most cases one to two sessions will be needed for optimal results. That said, many patients report significant improvements after just one treatment session. Some improvements appear right away, and the skin will continue to evolve long after the treatment is over. Results appear gradually as the collagen regeneration process can take up to 12 weeks. This can provide plumper, firmer, and smoother skin for up to one year. The treatment can significantly improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Are There Other Cosmetic Treatments That Complement Sofwave?

Aside from Sofwave, some of the most popular options for treating wrinkles are BOTOX® and dermal fillers. These can often be combined with Sofwave to maximize results. BOTOX® is a wrinkle relaxer that temporarily prevents the movements of facial muscles that cause wrinkles, such as those on the forehead area and around the eyes. Facial fillers like the hyaluronic acid JUVEDERM® collection are used for facial contouring and reducing wrinkles. They involve injections of gel-like substances that add volume to the skin.

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